User Data and Engagement

Summary of how to build your messenger user base, user data that can be captured, and how to engage users via custom campaigns and auto campaigns.

Building Messenger USER base

1. Comment Targeting

Using comment targeting we can collect users engaging with your Facebook post. We can send a private message to the commenter. If the user responds back it directly becomes a subscriber.
For starters, we recommend using a generic private message.
We also provide advanced implementation where you can send a customized private message based on the Facebook post hashtags.
Our system never sends multiple private messages to any user that comments multiple times.

2. Widgets

We provide using widgets on your website to convert users coming to your web pages. Any user that clicks on the widget button directly becomes a subscriber in the system.
We provide multiple types of widgets to integrate. The UI, text, and positioning is customization.
Widgets enable extensive user data segmentation and analysis.

User Data

We collect the following data points as soon as the user becomes our subscriber.
  • User name
  • Gender
  • Locale
  • Profile Picture
Widget Integration will provide additional data points.
  • Device information
  • Browser Information
  • Keywords and the content user is interested in
  • Time spent on the page
Segmented Campaigns using tags in the system allow us to segment users based on
  • Tags
  • Keywords
  • Search history
Custom campaigns to collect personal information
  • Phone number
  • Email
Depending on the tags and segments user data evolves continuously. Custom campaigns, custom widgets allow us to generate a meaningful user profile.


Once a user becomes a subscriber we can build on engagement using campaigns and conversational flow.
We can create campaigns and flows to identify user preferences like language, categories, and type of content.
We provide multiple ways to create campaigns:-
  • Custom Campaigns - Create templates using the conversation builder. This can have media, text, and call to actions that can be customized to your preference. Tags and keywords can be attached to these templates as per choice. These campaigns can be sent to all or custom segmented user base.
  • Auto Campaigns - This is a quick and easy way to create templates using static URLs from your webpage, Facebook, youtube, or any link of your choice. These campaigns can also be sent to all or custom segmented user base.
  • Widget related campaigns - We support multiple widgets with custom goals for each widget. Each widget has its own campaign associated with it. These campaigns also segment users based on tags etc.
These campaigns support multiple types of templates for messaging.
  • Text template
  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Facebook Media
  • Polling campaign
  • Voting campaign
  • Opinion campaign
  • Gallery of content
Each template can have multiple buttons and call to actions that either take to our choice of web URL, custom message, or any defined activity like tagging the user.
The possibilities with our framework are endless. We recommend our clients to focus on one or two goals at a time and build the bot flow accordingly. Analyzing the results of the bot flow and continuously evolving it provides a more meaningful experience to the subscriber which is the key to a successful bot.