Conversation Builder

1. What are Cross-Posting campaigns?

A growth tool that helps in increasing subscribers. Multiple bots are required here as subscribers of one bot are directed (with an interactive conversation) to another bot.
This way subscribers of primary bot also become subscribers of the secondary bot.
The Subscriber base of the primary bot remains the same. There is no reduction in the number of Subscribers in primary bot.
See the video sample here.

2. How to create cross-posting campaigns?

Cross-posting campaigns are created using the link of the bot you want to send users to. The link is then inserted in a button of the template that is to be sent to the users.
See the tutorial here.

3. How to build meaningful interactions with users?

Meaningful / Interactive conversations keep the users engaged in the bot. It also helps in segmenting and targeting the user with the right content. Can be created using any kind of template, add button feature, quick reply feature, and tags.
3.1 Karvachauth campaign
Question asked: How many years has it been to your marriage?Segments created: Not married yet, Less than 1 year, More than 1 year. Result: a) Congratulatory message sent which established an emotional connection with the user.
b) With the use of segments, a relatable story was sent to each user, leading to better CTR.
See the campaign here.
3.2 Fake News campaign
Question asked: Will RBI take back INR 2000 notes and start circulating INR 1000 notes again? Segment created: Users interested in Fact checked news Result: a) Related fact-checked news sent to users who showed interest.
b) A new target audience interested in fact-checked news created.
See the campaign here.
Similar examples:
  • Big Boss campaign (See the campaign here)
  • Polio Day campaign (See thr campaign here)

4. What is a Fallback message?

For Fallback message, kindly refer here.