Testing & Broadcasting

It is always advised to test the campaigns by sending only to Admins first. Post which the campaigns can be scheduled/ broadcasted to subscribers.

Testing campaigns

Click on the ‘Send to Admin’ button, present on the ‘Publish’ page, next to the campaign that you wish to test. The Campaign will go to Admins of the respective Smugglr page.
See the tutorial here.

Broadcasting campaigns

By using the 'Broadcast' button, you can broadcast/schedule the campaigns. But before broadcasting, always test the campaign by sending it to Admin.
Here is a demonstration of how you can broadcast a campaign.

Modifying /Disabling Scheduled campaigns

Campaigns once scheduled cannot be modified. They can be disabled and a new replacement campaign can be created.
For disabling a campaign:
Step 1: Go to the ‘Campaigns’ section, click on the campaign that needs to be disabled.
Step 2: Click on ‘Want to disable?’ Select ‘disable’.
A campaign cannot be disabled if its already in process as per its scheduled time.