Subscriber Lifecycle

Lets discuss the subscriber lifecycle on Smugglr Framework. Here we will discuss milestones of a subscriber converting from a potential lead to an engaged customer.
Subscriber Lifecycle

1. Acquisition

Acquisition Channels

First and foremost task for any business is to acquire subscribers. To build messenger subscriber base there are multiple channels :-

  • Messenger Plugins

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Widget

  • Facebook Comment Targeting

  • Smugglr Website Widgets

  • Facebook Messenger Advertising

  • Email & Newsletter embedded with deep links

  • Deep link integrations over social media channels like Instagram, Twitter etc.

2. Activation


As soon as a subscriber gets on board we suggest focus on filling up user database with richer personalised information apart from the default information we receive once user becomes a subscriber.

  • Interests

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Social Media Information

3. Customer Engagement

  • Broadcast content based on user interests.

  • Broadcast content to identify and assign interests.

  • Broadcast polls, voting and feedback messages to improve segments.

4. Re-engagement & Churn Prevention

At the end we need to ensure to gather more and more insights into subscriber profiling. This will help us identify what content to send the subscriber and keep him engaged.

We can build funnels based on business goals on each milestone of subscriber journey.