We display analytics related to users and the messaging activity. Each section is explained in the following sections.

You can use the dropdown in the top right corner to select time duration for the analytics.

Time duration selection for analytics

1. User Analytics

  • We display total users count, new users count, inactive users count and blocked users count.

User numbers overview
  • Graph plots lines displaying total users, new users and blocked users in the selected timespan.

Subscriber/users overview
  • Timezone distribution of all the users of the page.

  • Gender distribution of all the users for the page.


2. Messages Analytics

  • Overview of total messages sent, delivered to the users, messages received from the users.

  • Graph plots lines displaying messages sent, received and read.

3. Sessions

Graph plots number of daily sessions over the selected time duration.

Session Overview

4. Engagement

Graph plot lines of number of sessions per user and number of messages per session.

Engagement Overview

5. Top Users

We consider number of read messages, number of messages user sent to the bot and delivery of messages to rank users.

List of top users of the page

6. Campaign Schedule

A monthly calendar view for scheduled campaigns.

Campaign Schedule View

7. Reports

List of monthly report for the page and campaigns sent.

List of downloadable page reports
Sample Page report page statistics
Multiple sheets for the page report
Sample Campaign report