We display analytics related to users and the messaging activity. Each section is explained in the following sections.

1. Dashboard:

We display total users count, inactive users count, and blocked users count.

1.1 Overview:

Here, Source Distribution, Gender Distribution, Top Time zones are visible.

1.2 Schedule:

A monthly calendar view for scheduled campaigns.

1.3 Tag Distribution:

It shows all the tags that have been created for segmenting users.

2. User Analytics (within Dashboard)

You'll find the 'User Analytics' button on the top right corner in Dashboard.
2.1 You can use the dropdown in the top right corner to select the time duration for the analytics.
2.2 Subscriber overview:
Graph plots lines displaying total users, new users, and page views in the selected time span. Page views will only be visible if our JavaScript is integrated with your website.
Here is a demonstration of how you can see the stats in User Analytics.

3. Campaigns

  • Go to the ‘Campaigns’ section.
  • All the campaigns that have been sent and scheduled for the day will appear here.
  • Delivery rate, Read rate, Total clicks (only if JS is integrated), etc. are visible here.
  • Stats of past campaigns can also be viewed from here.