We can create campaigns to broadcast messages to multiple users at once. There are auto link campaigns, automated campaigns and custom campaigns.

1. Auto-Generated Campaigns

Smugglr provides an easy tool to create campaigns. This feature requires a link to a webpage with meta information and relevant image, title, and description which is used to auto-create templates.
This feature relies on the assumption that the link provided is working and has a relevant title, description and image. We recommend verifying the created template before broadcasting to large batches of users.
Here is a demonstration of how you can create an auto campaign.

2. Automated Campaigns

Integration of RSS, API feeds into the system to send scheduled broadcasts to the users based on tags, active list, and other event-based triggers. Please connect with our team to understand how you can integrate your system to leverage this functionality.

3. Custom Campaigns

We provide a bot builder to create custom campaigns. There is an array of templating options that are easy to create, test, and broadcast.
Here is a demonstration of how you can create a custom campaign.