List of all the users/subscribers of the page.

1. User Data

We display basic user information as a paginated table. At the top level, we can filter all users into new users (added within the last 24 hours) and active users (active since last week).
User overview

2. Search Users

We can do a text search for users by name or tag.
Search users by name or tag

3. Tag Users

We can manage user tags from the user list view using the "Tag users" button in the top right section.
Add tag
Add tag to users
Remove tag
Remove tag

4. Assign Roles

Each page subscriber/user can have either of three roles:-
  1. 1.
    Normal user
  2. 2.
    Test user
  3. 3.
    Admin user
We use these roles to send test messages before broadcasting messages.
Roles can be managed using the user edit page.
Assign user roles