Here are the steps to onboard facebook page on Smugglr.

1. Smugglr Account

The First step to onboard on our framework is to create a Smugglr account. We would require the following information:-
  • Email address
  • Company Name
  • Nature of business like 'publication' or 'e-commerce'
  • Designation
1.1 Contact [email protected] for registration URL. Register on Smugglr by filling in your information.
1.2 Confirm email address using the verification email received after registering.
1.3 Once you confirm your email address, log in to our portal to set up your bot. Use for logging in.

2. Facebook Connect

The second step is to connect your Facebook Account with Smugglr.
A screen will appear that says "Connect your Facebook Account". Use that to link your Facebook account.
Please ensure that the Facebook account you are linking has "admin" access to the Facebook page you want to use.
Step 2 :- Facebook Connect

3. Setup Facebook Page

The third step is to set up the Facebook page you for which you want to activate the bot. After successful facebook connect you would see a dropdown of your Facebook pages.
Select the Facebook page and click 'Setup Page' to proceed.
Step 3 :- Setup facebook page
Do not see the Facebook page you want to connect with? The linked Facebook account needs to be 'admin' of the Facebook page.
Connected with the wrong Facebook account? Contact [email protected] for a quick resolution.

4. Activate your Page.

The last step is to activate your page to receive your first bot message. Simply click on the 'Activate your Page' button.
Step 4.1 :- Activate your Page
Once successfully activated you will be redirected to your page dashboard. A popup will guide you to send you a test message.
Step 4.2 :- Send test message and assign page 'admin'
Congrats! You are all done to start building your bot conversation.
Drop-in a mail to [email protected] in case of any issues or questions.