Facebook Page Permission

Here is a step by step process to submit facebook page for subscription messaging permission.

Facebook Subscription Messaging is applicable to

  • News

  • Productivity

  • Personal Tracker

How to apply

Step 1 :- Go to Facebook page settings and click “Messenger Platform”

Messenger Platform Navigation on Facebook Page Settings

Step 2 :- Scroll down to find subscription messaging section. Click ‘Request’ to open up the permission form. You can use the following text to describe your intent of using the permission.

Request subscription messaging

Step 3:- Introduce your facebook page. Add information regarding how often you would be sending the messages, how can users opt-in and opt-out of your messages. Provide details of the kind of content your page provides.

Step 4:- Provide examples of messages that will be sent. Examples include messages related to how you will ask users for their preferences, content you would be sending and how they will opt-out of the subscription.