Comment Targeting

Enable automated comment targeting for converting facebook page activity to your messenger subscribers.

1. Setup

Any user who comments on your facebook page posts, videos, live chats etc. will be sent a customised message. If the user responds to the message he/she will be converted as a messenger subscriber.
Comment Targeting Settings
We provide the following settings to customise your subscriber experience :-

1.1 Turn On Private Reply

This flag will enable/disable the comment targeting feature for your facebook page.

1.2 Message to Commenters

Add a custom message that will be sent to your subscribers once they comment on your facebook activity.
Use liquid variable {{Full Name}} that will automatically fill up subscriber name.

1.3 Comment Targeting Options

You can allow comment targeting on all or specific facebook activity of your choice. Facebook activity can be one of the following :- share, link, status, video, photo or offer.
Comment Targeting Options

1.4 Select Opt-In Campaign

We require an opt-in campaign setup for comment targeting. It allows tracking the users that are signed up via comment targeting. Once user becomes a subscriber we can choose to send another automated response welcoming the user. This message is setup as part of opt-in campaign.
Please create an opt-in campaign before setting up comment targeting. Incase you do not have an opt-in campaign we will not allow campaign settings to be saved.

1.5 Disable Opt-In Message

Enable/disable opt-in message when user becomes subscriber using opt-in campaign.

2. Demo

3. Hashtag Targeting

4. Single Post Targeting