Bot Settings

1. How to on-board Subscribers?

For details on on-boarding subscribers, refer here.

2. How to integrate a Messenger widget on our website?

We provide using widgets on your website to convert users coming to your web pages. Any user that clicks on the widget button directly becomes a subscriber in the system.

Our Javascript needs to be integrated with the website for widget to work.

Drop in a mail for Widget integration.

3. What are keywords?

Refer here.

4. What if a Subscriber wants to opt out of our service?

  1. We have 'unsubscribe' flow which gets triggered if a user types in 'Stop' or 'Unsubscribe'.

2. An 'Unsubscribe' button is also present in the menu.

In both the above cases, if a user opts in, he will get unsubscribed from the list and will not receive any future campaigns.

*This feature can be integrated upon request.

On broadcast page, what are 'Tags'?

5. What is an Active list?

Active list works as a condition that is applied when broadcasting a campaign. Target Audience can be further segmented and defined using Active list.

For ex: Sending a campaign to users:

  1. who have onboarded in the last 24 hours.

  2. who wish to receive only weekly news.

  3. who have subscribed, excluding the ones who have unsubscribed.

6. Both Tags and Active list have been used together in some cases. For ex: 'ALL' has been used in tags section and 'All subscribers except unsubscribed ones' in Active list. Will the campaign go to ALL users as that was the primary choice?

No. The campaign will not got to all users. It will exclude users who have unsubscribed as:

6.1. First condition to select tag :- "all" means - all users irrespective of tag.

6.2 Second condition to select active list :- "all users except unsubscribed" - list of users without unsubscribed tag.

7. Why is Subscriber still receiving messages after he has unsubscribed?

There are 2 possibilities to this:

  1. User might not have followed through all the steps (unsubscribe flow) in the bot to unsubscribe.

  2. The campaigns could have been broadcasted to 'ALL' users without excluding 'unsubscribed users' (using Active list).

Using 'Active list' is mandatory to exclude 'unsubscribed users'.

8. Bot got deactivated. How to Activate it again?

8.1 Login to your Smugglr Account and click on your profile (top right corner).

8.2 Refresh your facebook settings.

8.3 Link Smugglr to Facebook.

8.4 You will now be directed to Smugglr dashboard. Click on 'Setup Page' button.

8.5 Select your page from the drop down list and proceed with 'Setup page' button.

8.6 Now Activate you page.

Once activated, you will have access to the bot again.