Smugglr onboarding

Here are the steps to onboard facebook page on Smugglr.
  1. Contact for registration url.

    Register on Smugglr by filling in your information.

  2. Confirm email address using the verification email received after registering.

  3. Use for logging in.

  4. A screen will appear that says "Connect your Facebook Account". Use that to link your facebook account. Please note that this is the facebook account which has "admin" access to the facebook page you want to use.

  5. Once facebook account is linked a screen with dropdown to setup your page will appear. Select the facebook page from dropdown menu and hit setup page.

  6. After setup your page is complete next screen to "Activate your Page" will come up. Proceed with activating the page.

  7. After activation page will be redirected to the dashboard. A popup with further instructions will open up saying :- Send a test message to verify and select users from the list as admin as per your choice.

Refer or message incase of any issues or questions.